A Very Happy Holiday Video From Devin!!!


Hey "Secret Service Entourage," Rejoice in "The Christmas Song," re-harmonized D.B. style, and performed alongside my best bud Blaise Lanzetta on drums. I'm so excited to share this with you during the holiday season, if you'd like to receive a FREE recording of this song, please message me your email and I'd be happy to respond back with the download! I hope you enjoy it, and please do help spread this video with the rest of your Christmas cheer!!!

Happy Holidays,


[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehSLbAjZcfs[/embedyt]

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For those of you who can't often make my NYC shows, this is a perfect opportunity to see stripped down versions of my original song's and cover's upon request. Alongside my musical compadre Blaise Lanzetta on drums, this interactive platform allows you to directly connect with us, comment throughout the show, and earn rewards for special giveaways. Recorded out of Russell Street Recording Studio in Brooklyn NY, the show is of the highest quality in both sound and video, and for as little as 1$, you can tune in from the comfort of your home!



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Celebrating 125 years of Katz Delicatessen as Guest Performer & Emcee


How many Pastrami sandwiches does it take to feed the “Secret Service” and me? Certainly not as much as the guy who downed 25 of them to win Katz's Pastrami eating contest. Nonetheless, the one I was lucky enough to get my hands on was enough to carry me through a day of singing, emceeing and celebrating with the beloved Katz Family.

Filled with NY natives and tourists from abroad, Katz turned their famous downtown 24 hours eating spot into a full-fledged concert venue on June 2nd, 2013. All the acts were the bomb especially my new friends “The Defibulators” who closed the day’s last performance with a lively show that transitioned into a straight up dance party.

As owner Jake Dell gave me the  thumbs up while I rocked the stage playing songs from my show at the Metropolitan Room along with a few covers up my sleeve, I was sparked by the aroma of salted meats and fried knish. It was so much fun and I am so grateful to have been a part of it. Looking forward to doing it again in another 125 years!

Devin Bing Sells OUT...The Metropolitan Room!

On Friday May 10th I looked out from the Metropolitan Room stage and couldn’t find an empty seat throughout the house. My heart filled with immense emotion, fueling quite possibly my best performance yet as a professional.

The energy in the room was infectious, every melody, every lyric, every song breathed such life as I could feel the connection between audience and song.  It was extremely rewarding.

Prior to the show, I invited Rob Lester of NightLifeExchange.com to sit in on one of our rehearsals. His pre show review entitled “The Bing Thing: WOW!” His “Brain went ZING” when he first heard me and noted my “charisma and confidence,” especially when I'd play my  “hypnotic” version of the trumouth (mouth-trumpet) creating somewhat of a “musical heaven.”

NightLifeExchange Review: Click Here

Reviewer, Joe Regan Jr. of TimesSquareChronicles.com critiqued my original songs such as “Just Surrender,” describing it as a “striking torch song.” He also puts into context my single “Summer Breeze,” as “A lovely word picture of a summer night and a summer breeze and night stars.”

TimesSquareChronicles Review: Click Here

It was a truly amazing night and I look forward to the next one on June 13th at 9pm. Hope to see you there!

To make reservations to next show on June 13: Click Here


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