Bing Hits "The Bitter End" w/ Special Guests on April 29th...


Bitter End 4:29 Poster With so many new songs and collaborations in the works this year, I thought I'd rock some fresh tunes at one of NYC's most iconic singer-songwriter spots, "The Bitter End." This West Village club has one of the richest histories of legendary performances. Far too many to name, but you can check them out here! 

That said, I'm inviting some of my favorite New York songwriters and producers to come perform these new works with me and "The Secret Service" band. It's going to be a kick ass party, so come join us! I'm rather looking forward to this one...

Date: April 29th

Time: 9pm (8:30 doors)

Location: 147 Bleecker St. (bt Thompson & Laguardia) NYC

Tickets (at door): $10

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