Devin Bing Sells OUT...The Metropolitan Room!

On Friday May 10th I looked out from the Metropolitan Room stage and couldn’t find an empty seat throughout the house. My heart filled with immense emotion, fueling quite possibly my best performance yet as a professional.

The energy in the room was infectious, every melody, every lyric, every song breathed such life as I could feel the connection between audience and song.  It was extremely rewarding.

Prior to the show, I invited Rob Lester of to sit in on one of our rehearsals. His pre show review entitled “The Bing Thing: WOW!” His “Brain went ZING” when he first heard me and noted my “charisma and confidence,” especially when I'd play my  “hypnotic” version of the trumouth (mouth-trumpet) creating somewhat of a “musical heaven.”

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Reviewer, Joe Regan Jr. of critiqued my original songs such as “Just Surrender,” describing it as a “striking torch song.” He also puts into context my single “Summer Breeze,” as “A lovely word picture of a summer night and a summer breeze and night stars.”

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It was a truly amazing night and I look forward to the next one on June 13th at 9pm. Hope to see you there!

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~ db ~