Crooning, Composing & Cool Confessions in Store for Bing Fans in 2012


The new year is upon us and though 2011 was a great one, Devin Bing and DB Mgmt have far more in store for fans in 2012. This year, Bing refers to his roots as his primary musical inspiration with a return to the melodic and time honored art of Crooning. But make no mistake friends, this crooner has game.  Fans will find new music from Devin Bing to be released later in 2012 refreshingly honest, slightly both up and down tempo, and unexpectedly uncensored.

Fans can expect new US tour dates and multinational show schedules, along with an expansion of Devin Bing's social media presence.

"I worked diligently in 2011 to ensure I'm able to reach out and personally connect with my broader fan base in 2012" says Bing.  "I'm ready and excited to use the recent innovations in technology to better explore my musical and personal narratives online. This year will be about making an honest and intimate connection with my global audience ...  and I'm willing to take some risks and even expose some of my darker side. It's time I hit the musical confessional."

Devin Bing and DB Mgmt will be making some pivotal announcements beginning in early 2012, so fans should stay tuned.

When questioned about his 'darker side' and the new 'confessional direction' of his upcoming work, Bing simply takes a sip of his gin, leans back on his chair and shoots us a coy smile, "I suppose, you'll just need to wait and see."